3D printing PLA filament is a fully biodegradable, safe, environmentally friendly product derived from corn or sugar beet. During usage, while heating, PLA gives a semi-sweet smell. Due to these characteristics, 3D printing PLA filament is the most suitable material for use indoors, in schools and offices. PLA filament is the best material to start working with 3D pens or a 3D printer. 3D printing PLA filament is non-toxic, it can be safely used for the creation of toys and other things. Another advantage is the fairly smooth surface of a product printed from PLA.


Product name: PLA filament 5m
Manufacturer country: China
Diameter: 1.75mm
Length: 5m
Color: pink
Working temperature: 180°C



100m (10m*10pcs), 100m (5m*20pcs), 200m (10m*20pcs)


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