Myriwell RP-100B 3D printing pen –  A small, light and ergonomic 3D pen is an excellent choice for starting to get familiar with 3D printing. Easy to use: The display shows the temperature, while the adjustment can be made with an accuracy of one degree. The 3D pen Myriwell RP-100B supports two types of filament: ABS and PLA. It can be used as an ideal tool for creating 3D pictures and models. The pen influences the motor skills of the child positively, has a learning effect, stimulates the thinking process and develops imagination.


Brand name: Myriwell
Model: RP-100B
Manufacturer country: China
Ink type: ABS/PLA 1.75mm
Color: Light pink, light purple, light yellow, light green
Power supply: AU plug-in
Voltage: 12V 3A
Working temperature: ABS 230° PLA 170°
Weight: 65g
Dimensional: 18.4 x 3.1 x 4.6cm

Design and functionality

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Product show

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Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow

Consumable material

ABS 1.75 mm, PLA 1.75 mm

Power supply

Charger device



8 reviews for Myriwell RP-100B 3D printing pen

  1. Maria

    I love this pen. You should get one:) The seller is very responsive! The pen arrived a little bit later but it worth to wait.

  2. Cassandra

    The pen is OK, but the package was damaged.

  3. Alice

    The pen is not too bad, however I expected more for this price. Thanks anyway.

  4. Andrew

    The pen is okay, works well. My son is happy with it. Many thanks.

  5. Tommy

    The device is as described and works really fine. After a few test I am able to use it as it should do. Also I would recommend to buy more plastic. Thank you for fast and secure delivery.

  6. John

    It’s arrived fast and on time, I am really happy. I have played around with it and it is by far the greatest device I have. It is quite cheap and works perfectly. Good for kids to improve their creative skills! Really cute blue prints with it.

  7. Nima

    I bought this pen as a gift for my fried. He is very creative and loves drawing. Well… He is more than happy. Many thanks for this pen.

  8. Jane

    Works fine. Easy to use. Only speed slider might be a little bit too easy to slide and documentation might be better.

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