The 3D printing pen Myriwell RP-200A is one of the latest possible models from a reputable manufacturer. The shape of Myriwell RP-200A resembles a submarine, and only pleasant sensations remain from use. Inside there is a powerful cooling system that protects against heat. Very easy and practical. The 3D printing pen Myriwell RP-200A is easy-to-use model and works exclusively on environmentally friendly plastic PCL. PCL does not emit smells during printing.


Brand name: Myriwell
Model: RP-200A
Manufacturer country: China
Ink type: PCL1.75mm
Color: blue, yellow, gray, pink
Power supply: USB
Voltage: 5V 2A
Weight: 70g
Dimensional: 17.8 x 2 x 3.6cm



Blue, Gray, Pink, Yellow

Consumable material

PCL 1.75 mm

Power supply





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